New Mobile Game Taps Into Augmented Reality to Teach Kids about Safety

Baidu, in partnership with Yili Group and the Mango V Foundation, rolled out a new mobile game to promote education about child safety in China.

The game uses “augmented reality” to create an interactive experience for users. It’s simple to use: open the Baidu search app, point your smart phone at a Yili milk carton, and press “play.” An interactive 3D game immediately pops up on the screen. 

The game is designed to help parents discuss safety-related topics with young children, such as how to behave with strangers and what precautions to take when staying at home.

The game was announced at the Baidu Alliance Conference this week in Dali, China, as part of new internet-based public service campaign. Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, commented: “Baidu has both the technology and responsibility to drive public service to a new level.”

With the launch of the new campaign, a simple milk carton can now unlock fun games and lead to valuable discussions between children and their parents during mealtimes.

The technology was developed by Baidu’s Institute of Deep Learning (IDL).

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