Baidu Awarded Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit by California DMV

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has issued Baidu USA an Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit earlier this week, allowing the company to test its autonomous driving technologies in the state. “We will start testing our autonomous driving technologies on public roads very soon in California,” says Jing Wang, SVP of Baidu and General Manager of [...]

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Baidu’s Duer Personal Assistant Has New Talent: Sports Commentary

Badu’s Duer, which launched in 2015, has added a new skill to its repertoire. In addition to booking flights and ordering movie tickets, it can now hold its own as a sports announcer. In conjunction with the Rio Olympics this week, Logan Bradley of SportTechie wrote an informative story about Duer’s new talents. “Through new, [...]

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Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab is Hiring!

Baidu’s Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Lab (SVAIL) has an ambitious mission: focus on cutting-edge AI research in areas such as speech recognition and translate this research into products that impact millions of users. We call this philosophy “end-to-end” — with one end being the activities that bring about new ideas, and the other end being [...]

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Baidu Launches New Augmented Reality Platform for Smartphones

Today Baidu announced DuSee, a new augmented reality (AR) platform developed for smartphones. DuSee will be integrated into Baidu’s flagship platform apps, such as the Mobile Baidu search app, which has a user base of hundreds of millions of monthly active mobile users. DuSee is a collaboration between Baidu Research’s Institute of Deep Learning (IDL) [...]

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Baidu Signs Deal with Chinese City Wuhu to Build Autonomous Driving Zone

Baidu's Jing Wang announces autonomous driving zone collaboration with the city of Wuhu. Baidu has signed a cooperation agreement with the city of Wuhu to build a transportation zone dedicated to autonomous driving vehicles. The zone will be the first of its kind in China. Wuhu is located in the Anhui province in [...]

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Big Data vs. Big Crowds – New Research from Baidu’s Big Data Lab

Baidu’s Big Data Lab has released a paper detailing how to use big data analytics to predict large-scale crowd formation and warn people of potentially deadly stampede events, like the tragic one that claimed the lives of 36 people in Shanghai on New Year’s Eve, 2014. The paper is titled “Early Warning of Human Crowds Based [...]

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Baidu adds an AI personal assistant, Duer, to its mobile search app

Baidu showed off Duer's voice-activated capabilities with a version of the software embedded in a robot. By Michael Kan As Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana introduces herself to new Windows 10 users around the world, Chinese search giant Baidu is adding its own AI, Duer, to a mobile app used by millions of Chinese. [...]

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