Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab is Hiring!

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Baidu’s Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Lab (SVAIL) has an ambitious mission: focus on cutting-edge AI research in areas such as speech recognition and translate this research into products that impact millions of users.

We call this philosophy “end-to-end” — with one end being the activities that bring about new ideas, and the other end being products that solve the needs of real people. Our end-to-end philosophy continually challenges us to do the most important research and helps us prioritize our activities.

Examples of our work in the real world:

  • Baidu Mobile Voice Search: State-of-the-art speech recognition technology from SVAIL is integrated into Baidu’s mobile search app which serves huge numbers of users today, primarily in China.
  • Low-Latency Framework: We’ve built a cloud-based inference pipeline for SVAIL’s huge neural networks (which often have billions of connections). This low-latency streaming framework is a critical part of what makes new AI-based products possible.
  • Speech-to-Text Keyboard: As an end-to-end organization, we have the latitude to experiment and try out many new ideas. For example, SVAIL team members recently created an innovative speech-to-text keyboard for mobile devices. A preview version is available on the Google Play store.

It takes a team with diverse skills to make these exciting technology breakthroughs happen, which is why we’ve built SVAIL around three unique but interrelated groups: AI Research, AI Systems and AI Products.

You may think you need to be an experienced AI researcher or HPC systems person to join SVAIL but in fact we are looking for good, solid software engineers as well.

Even if you don’t have AI experience, SVAIL offers opportunities for software engineers to have an impact, from prototyping machine learning models and building servers that deploy huge neural networks to creating brand new products.

Below are job descriptions for our open Software Engineer roles:

Interested in building frameworks for training deep learning systems, speech recognition and language models? How about efficiently deploying large neural networks in low-latency cloud environments? Then apply here: Software Engineer – AI Systems

Interested in developing new products and services that leverage advanced AI technologies to transformuser experience and solve real world problems for a wide range of users? Then apply here: Software Engineer – AI Products

See all SVAIL jobs here

If you want to join an exciting team that is pushing forward hard AI technology and translating it into products that impact the lives of million of users, please contact us!

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