Pete Carey of the San Jose Mercury News caught up with Baidu Chief Scientist Andrew Ng recently to ask him about deep learning, autonomous driving and more. Here are a few Q&A’s from the interview:

Pete: Are people ready for self-driving cars?

Andrew: An analogy is that once upon a time the United States had to move from horseback transportation to trains, and had to learn new ways of behaving around trains that were different from the way they behaved around horses. What I see today is that computer-driven cars are a fundamentally different thing than human-driven cars and we should not treat them the same.

Pete: I hear fears of the robots taking over. What do you tell people who fear that?

Andrew: The reason I’m passionate about getting the AI story straight is that I think AI will be the next big thing in technology. There will be a lot of impact on a lot of jobs, but the next decade will be a lot better through using AI. A lot of people don’t understand that this technology is going to change a lot of things, and I think society will be better off if people can think in an informed way about this.

Read the full interview here.