Baidu Recycle recognized by UN as a top Global Solution

Baidu Recycle has been recognized as one of the “Global Solutions” by the United Nations, which held its Solutions Summit on September 27 in New York City. The Solutions Summit honored exceptional innovators delivering solutions that address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Baidu Recycle, a web-based app, was jointly created by Baidu and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as an e-waste disposal and recycling platform that could link individuals who wish to dispose of electronic waste responsibly with proper, legal recycling and dismantling companies. Baidu Recycle is part of Baidu’s continuing effort to create a greener and more sustainable future across China.

Baidu Recycle exemplifies the importance of different stakeholders working together for the people, planet, and global prosperity. Among the 838 inspiring submissions from over 100 countries, the Baidu Recycle lite app was named as one of the final 14 Global Solutions winners together with the BioCarbon Engineering initiative from the UK, Floating Fab Lab project from Amazon, and the Supercomputing & Food Security project from Australia.

Baidu Recycle addresses a number of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals endorsed by the UN at its recent summit, from September 25 to September 27. These include Good Health and Well-being; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; Responsible Consumption and Production; and Climate Action.

Last year, UNDP and Baidu jointly set up a big data lab, designed as an open platform that brings together big data and development experts to identify valuable data and harnesses it to formulate and implement sound development strategies. Since it was first introduced last year, Baidu Recycle has been pilot-launched in Beijing and Tianjin, and has by far collected 11,429 used computers, phones, televisions and other electronic waste. The program is expanding to cover more cities this year, and a crew of 2,870 people are working on-demand to collect used home appliances in 22 Chinese cities. Service for cellphones, tablets, and laptops will be available in all major cities in China by end of this year.

Currently Baidu Recycle is available only in China. To use the app, just type @百度回收站 into the Baidu search app, select the type of electronic waste you wish to recycle, and find out how much cash you can receive for your e-waste. A number of home appliance and electronics companies, including TCL and Lenovo, have joined Baidu in this initiative, and are offering discounts on replacement electronics for people who recycle properly.

The Global Goal solutions selected for this event are:

• African Prisons Project – Uganda
• Legislation Lab – Morocco
• African Design Centers – Rwanda
• Baidu Recycle – China
• Floating Fab Lab – Amazon – Peru
• Abze Solar S.A. – Burkina Faso
• BioCarbon Engineering – United Kingdom
• Supercomputing & Food Security – Australia
• ColdHubs – Nigeria
• SM Sehgal Foundation Recharge Well – India
• Banka BioLoo – India
• BORN Project – United States of America
• APOPO – Belgium
• Planet OS – Estonia

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