Baidu Enhances Open Cloud Computing Service with New AI and Big Data Offerings

This week, Baidu announced three new platforms for business customers who use Baidu Open Cloud in China. At the launch ceremony, Baidu CEO Robin Li commented: “Baidu’s unique strengths in AI and big data differentiate us from traditional cloud computing services.”

The new platforms are:

  • Baidu TianSuan – Intelligent Big Data
  • Baidu TianXiang – Intelligent Multimedia Cloud
  • Baidu TianGong – Intelligent IoT Service

Baidu TianSuan is a one-stop platform offering fully managed big data services and cognitive APIs where enterprise users can collect, store, process and analyze big data. The platform provides several built-in solutions targeting verticals such as healthcare, marketing, and finance. 

Baidu TianXiang offers video, image and document processing services, such as live streaming and video-on-demand. Users can leverage Baidu AI-based video, image and speech technologies to build smarter products.

Baidu TianGong, an IoT (Internet of Things) platform, offers full-stack and smart IoT services for users in industries such as energy, logistics, automotive and retail. Using fundamental services in TianGong (including IoT Hub, IoT Parser, Device Management, Rule Engine, TSDB, etc.), clients can quickly build IoT applications and run their business platforms in a one-stop and cost-effective way. 

Baidu Open Cloud is led by Liu Yang, General Manager of Baidu Cloud Business Unit.

Liu Yang, General Manager of Baidu Cloud Business Unit.

Liu Yang, General Manager of Baidu Cloud Business Unit speaks to crowd at the launch ceremony in Beijing on July 13.

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